Get A Smooth Shave With an Electric Shaver


Shaving comes like a formidable task to the entire mankind. No matter what age group people belong to, shaving without a single cut is a challenge almost every time. With the launch of electric shavers like the braun series 7 shavers, time and blood loss has substantially reduced. However, men still struggle to get the perfect shave that leaves behind a smooth and glowing skin. In a recent article by, we read how a perfect shave takes a lot of preparation and aftercare. Despite the use of the best electric shaver, it is essential you always do it the right way to get a perfect shave.

Starting with the preparation that goes behind a perfect shave, begin by buying a shaver that will suit you. A suitable shaver means the one that can be used conveniently on your facial contours. Everybody’s facial design is different, the hair growth and hair type are different hence you might be in trouble if you chose the wrong shaver. Get out of the mentality where “men never ask” and consult a grooming specialist. A grooming specialist can suggest you the right technique to choose for shaving your facial hair. Once you are versed with the approach, you need to practice the same, and the cuts will automatically stop occurring.

Secondly, understand your requirements as there are both dry and wet electric shavers. Usually, electric shavers are designed to operate under dry conditions, but few high-end models can also be used for wet shaving. Other criteria based on which you can choose a shaver is the type of blade it has. There are electric shavers with rotary blades and oscillating blades. The rotary blade electric shaver provides a closer shave with smoother skin. The oscillating blade electric shaver is a little less efficient in terms of providing a close shave. For people who want a quick and easy shave without caring much about the smoothness can go for oscillating shavers. Apart from equipment and other grooming tips, you need to follow a few things to get yourself ready to get shaved.

For instance, use some warm water or a cloth soaked in warm water to clean the facial area you are about to shave. Doing this will soften the hair, reducing the chances of a cut. Soft hair also means easier shave and smoother skin afterward. Try to use a good quality, alcohol containing pre-shave cream or powder. It will clean your skin and make it simpler to shave. A shaving cream containing Vitamin E is appropriate as it works to reduce any irritation to your skin. Stick to a single shaving care regime once you have found a product that suits you the best. Experimentation is not advisable when it comes to shaving your facial hair. For a hygienic shave keep your shaver clean and keep changing the blade from time to time. Use an effective after shave lotion as alcohol in the pre-shave cream dries out the skin. With proper care, one can definitely get a smooth shave without any cuts and feel no irritation after doing it.

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