Guide To Pick A Power Tower For Your Workout Routine

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If you are new to this term, then let me explain what a power tower is. It is also called knee raise station or captain’s chair. It is the equipment that is meant mainly for strengthening your upper body and abdomen. The main area, which is focused on this workout, is the hips and torso. As the name says, it looks more like a chair with padded back and armrest. If you have been wondering on which power tower to buy for your workout, this article would guide you on the different models, price, reviews and things to remember while buying one

It’s completely your choice in deciding whether you want to exercise at home in your space or hit the gym to be fit. Whatever your choice is at the end of the day, keep your body active with exercise.

If you want to work out at home with that little extra comfort, then power tower would be a wise option. Most of these machines come with a catalog guiding you on how well you can make use of it. There are several exercises to strengthen the whole body focusing on where you need extra strengthening starting from pushups, squats and more. Few models can be worked out at different inclinations so you will have an option on how you want to use it.

Power Towers has definite models for specific purposes like whole body strengthening, core strengthening, upper body and abs tone up, strengthening the back muscles and much more. The intensiveness can be increased based on the amount of workout we need by adding bags, adding weights. The cost would be roughly around $100 and for extra add-ons has to be purchased separately.

Most of the power tower models have safety stoppers, which prevent you from getting injured at any cause. You need not worry that you will skid while working out as the feet is sturdy and need not worry on which surface the machine has to be landed since it doesn’t damage the floor.

It is easy to assemble. The Vertical Knee Raise (VKR) pad, which comes along, is thick and tear-free and comfortable reducing stress in shoulders. The backrest is padded. You can add a heavy bag in few models to use it for cardio boxing, martial arts. The handgrips are wrapped with cushy, secure rubber or foam grips. The end caps are slip resistant. The backrest and handles are well padded which adds extra comfort.

· You cannot do leg strengthening with power towers.
· Lightweight models are not sturdy.

Things to look for while buying
· Look for a model, which fits the space you have decided to land them.
· Check on the weight restrictions as it may become wobbly due to overweight.
· As you always do, check for customer reviews before buying.

How to make the best use of it
· Pull up station- for core workouts in your upper body.
· Push-up station- to strengthen your chest muscles and shoulders
· Dip Station- to tone up your upper arm, shoulder, and torso
· Workout Station- Normal moves, but burns more calories

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