One Day Plan For All Rides At Alton Towers


Uncountable white knuckle rides can be found around the Alton towers. Read a guide if you want to hit the best rides over there. Planning wisely can help you cover the Alton towers in just one day. It is not a big deal if you are able to do so as most people are unable to do it because of improper planning. Make sure you know the timings and accordingly hit the ride in the right time. Any deviation from the timing would alter your plan up to 50%. Remember that you have to try something thrilling in the Alton towers and not just tractor rides or teacups.

If you have the proper list of all the rides in the Alton tower you can pre-plan what you would like to do primarily and what not. Find out all the details from alton towers number that one can easily get online. Try to arrive as early as possible after 9 AM. It is good to be in the first few of the queue for tickets. Get tickets as soon as possible and enjoy your day in the Alton towers. When you are coming to the Alton towers, do not forget to charge yourself up. A person who is already feeling tired will never be able to have full fun in the Alton towers.

Save all your energy for one day and invest it directly in the Alton towers, the next day. Tickets can be bought online also. On the day tickets are costlier whereas online advance tickets come at a lower price. You can buy the Fast pass scream ticket that will allow access to the three major rides of the park Air, Oblivion and Nemesis. Do not forget to park your vehicle in the parking and get its tickets too. Nemesis is the best ride to start off your day at the Alton. It is definitely on par with the biggest rollercoaster rides in the US.

Before moving to a new area in the park, complete all the rides of one single area. This will make sure you do not miss out on any ride which will be regretful later on. Try to ride off all the big rides as early as possible. In the later part of the day usually, there is a shortage of time and too many people to get on the ride. If you are able to complete your ride as soon as possible, you will feel happy later on , on seeing the rush. There is a store filled with handy items at the entrance. Save your souvenirs until you day at Alton ends.

Massive teddies, oversized mugs and medals are just a few to name that you can collect. Altogether, your visit to Alton tower sis going to be a fabulous one. People who love thrilling rides are surely going to get the best thing possible, the rest can also enjoy other rides present in the park. There are different types of rides that are designed keeping in mind the variety of people that visit the place. Hence you should not worry that you missed out anything if you could not go to the big rides over there.

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