What Are The Reasons Of Hair Loss In Women?


hair loss

As per the medical experts, loss or thinning of hair is known to be a severe medical condition. However, most of the times such conditions are eventually treated by a hair loss treatment. As per the sugar bear hair reviews losing hair during the morning shower or while drying the hair seem to be standard for every individual. Such an event is part and parcel of the hair’s growth cycle, and hence it can be ignored. Concerned individuals and readers can make use of this post to know some of the real reasons for hair loss among the women folks. However, consecutive hair loss is a sign of some severe medical condition and the same has to be treated by the right medical expert.

Here are the reasons shared by the medical experts for the hair loss which is considered as a health disorder. Women generally face the condition called Telogen effluvium after pregnancy or major surgery. With this disorder, one will witness a huge amount of hair loss every single day. This generally happens while brushing the hair. This condition can also be a side effect of some severe medications. In this said condition hair make a rapid phase from the growing phase to the resting phase. Medically this condition is known as ‘telogen’ phase. This period can be extended from six weeks to ten weeks causing severe stress on the individual. At the peak of this phase, one will find a loss of a handful of hair.

Secondly, hair loss can be due to the medical condition androgenetic alopecia. Sometimes hair loss is also due to hereditary factors. According to the experts, this is one of the most frequent reasons for hair loss symptom among women as well as men. Women who follow this trait develop thinning of hair at the age of twenty or above. In a few cases, this type of hair loss can spread across the entire scalp.

Hair loss is predominantly seen among women who have thyroid also. This symptom is called Hypothyroidism which commonly occurs when thyroid hormone is produced in lesser qualities. On the other hand, if your body produces an excess hormone, it is said to be hyperthyroidism. Here one has to remember that this hormone is responsible for the overall metabolic rate as well as heart rate. Any imbalance of this hormone can result in hair loss especially in women.

Hair loss symptoms can also be seen with women who have frequent headaches. People who suffer from an autoimmune disorder can experience hair loss. This unique disorder is called as Lupus, where the immune system attacks the healthy tissues. For a few women, the condition of the scalp can also lead to hair loss symptoms.

Experts say that excessive styling and frequent usage of poor quality shampoos can weaken the hair roots leading to a hair loss. At times the hair breaks and makes the hair thinning in due course of time. In such situations, one cannot see the telogen bulbs at the end of the hair.

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